Every morning, Link waits on top of his igloo sniffing at the bars until I notice him. He’ll also do this when I come home from being out somewhere for a while.

she’s due anywhere from the 21st to the 28th

serenading Pipit

Mousey Update

After one week of keeping Link and Midna together they’ve finally mated successfully!

I’ll keep her with him for the rest of the day but I should be expecting babies three weeks from now!

And I got some pictures with Majora’s nanny, Chevre Truffles

I mainly wanted to show off Chevre’s big beady eyes.

Update on Majora [previously Squeak]

I changed her name to Majora to better fit her parents, Link and Midna.

Her fur is also straightening out just like her brother and her satin coat is shining through beautifully. She even poses for pictures extremely well.

Update on Pip

as he’s growing older, his fur is straightening out with minimal curls. He used to be super curly and fuzzy but now he looks closer to his mom. His fur may continue to change as he gets older and he might end up like his dad with plush shaggy fur.

But wow look how he shines

Link and Midna are on a romantic date

Link and Midna are on a romantic date

Pip stood completely still for both pictures and I’m pleasantly surprised!

He had a bit of a scrap with his aunt, Aryll during an outside introduction. Aryll has proven to be a bully mouse and isn’t allowed to be around Midna or the babies anymore because she attacks them on sight.

Pip and Squeak are both perfectly fine from the incident with no injuries but I just discovered Pip now has a little notch in his ear, almost exactly like that of a cartoon mouse. I say it adds character.

At least he and his father are getting along with outside introductions. Since Pip has become sexually mature he’s been seeing the girls a lot less, but at least he’s big enough to see his dad every now and again.

Cuddling with my baby boy~ he likes to nuzzle against my face